Holiday 2

Second post about our holiday, as usual way too late…

On the second day we took the ferry to Dover. We’d never been on a ferry, so it was really exciting. We hadn’t anticipated the long wait getting on and off the ferry. Well, we knew we had to be there an hour before departure, but getting off the ferry also took more then half an hour. All in all it was a pleasant adventure, however.

Leaving Dunkirk

Leaving Dunkirk

After we disembarked we went straight to Dover Castle, were we picked up our English Heritage card and visited the castle. On the parking lot we found a nice Volkswagen.

Nice find on the parking lot

The Dover Castle site is amazing. We walked for several hours on its grounds.

Dover Castle

There even is a pharos built by the Romans, almost 2000 years old.


From the tower of the castle I took this panorama.

Panorama from the castle

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