Blue Planet II

Looking forward to seeing Blue Planet II as soon as it is available. Here is the prequel.


I decided to take my camera with me when I took the dog for a walk.

(larger here)

Move, and the way appears!

Is it really that simple? I guess it is, but everybody wants rewards right after the effort (don't you?).

Via Nicolas Bate.

22 Things To Read Each Morning Over Coffee, the list completed

Please read the list on Nicolas Bate's blog.

Number 1, 5, 6 struck with me right away. The rest need some time to think about.


What do you get when slowly grinding and milling pieces of wood? Mesmerizing!

(via Kottke)

I am creative

I am creative!

history of the entire world, i guess

From the creator of "history of japan" (I wrote about it here). This is absolutely awesome. How can you cramp the whole history of the world in less then 20 minutes?

Bruce Lee’s Previously Undiscovered Writings on How to Live a Fulfilling and Successful Life - The Mindful Evolution

Recently, one of Bruce Lee's “pocketbooks” was discovered, which has given us a chance to delve more deeply into his mind.

There are pictures of the actual notebooks and they are fully transcribed.

Check them out here:

(via The Cramped).


Some advice I need to follow myself!

Found and liked

Ash Thorp worked on Ghost in the Shell. This showreel represent a compilation of work created for the movie.