USG-3P continuously adopting

I’ve been using Ubiquity Unifi for my home network for a couple of years now. I use a USG-3P (gateway) which is directly connected to the fiber, a couple of switches and two APs. I have a home server where I’ve installed the controller software (in Docker). Everything was working great!

A couple of weeks ago my server needed to be rebooted. After everything was up an running again, for some reason the USG-3P decided to throw a fit. It got in a state where it was continuously adopting. The network was working without a problem, I had an internet connection, all clients got IP addresses when needed. But the fact that is was continuously in a state of adopting was bothering me. I tried several things like rebooting the USG-3P, and at one point I reset it. Now another problem surfaced, I could not reach my internal network from the internet (some simple websites). Apparently there was a DNS problem, but I could not figure out what to do.

After a lot of googling I found the solution. The USG-3P for some reason was trying to send the ‘inform’ command to the wrong IP address. So, after I managed to SSH into the USG-3P, I could set the correct IP address:

set-inform http://ip-address-of-controller:8080/inform

Et voila, the USG-3P got adopted, and everything is working fine ever since.

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