Holiday 3

While we’re on a roll, the third post about our holiday.

After some light rain in the morning, we set off to Old Bayham Abbey, near Royal Turnbridge Wells. It’s totally in ruins and the grounds are not that big, but the site is very beautiful. There were almost no other visitors so we had the site to ourselves.

Bayham Old Abbey

Bayham Old Abbey

Through the gate.

The gate

The nave.

The nave

When we finished our visit, we drove off to Battle, the famous site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, were William the Conqueror fought against Harold II. The site itself is mainly a big sloping field, but we had audio tours explaining what happened where and when. Below you’ll find pictures of the abbey ruins on top of the hill. The abbey was built after the battle.

The Dormitory, where the monks slept.

The Dormitory

The latrines. The was a big structure on top of what’s left now.

The latrines

Under the Dormitory, the so called Vaulted Undercroft, where the novices slept. If you look closely you can still see one or two wander about.

The Undercroft

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