Summer is nearly over, and so is my work holiday. Tomorrow I start my day job again after three weeks off. The last two weeks we stayed at home, going on some day trips every now and then, but we went to walk our dog Coco almost every day, getting her in new situations as much as possible. We are very proud of her, seeing her grow as much as she has in the last 5 months. I’ll do a post on her soon.

In my first week off, my wife, my youngest daughter and I went on a short trip to England. We took the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover, stayed in a hotel in Ashford for a couple of nights and took the ferry again to go back to Dunkerque.

Kent, England, is really nice. We used the so called Overseas Visitors Pass to visit a number of English Heritage sites. When you visit just two sites you already have payed for the Pass, so I really recommend it.

Of course I took some pictures, and I want to show them to you. I’ll split the pictures into a number of posts as to not overwhelm you with a lot of pictures. I’ll start with Dunkirk, France, which is a coastal city in the Street of Dover.

Duchesse Anne

The Belfry

Church of Saint Eligius



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