I’ve been tracking the time I spend in bed for more than two years now (starting on June 16, 2014), and have not looked at the data in detail. Time to do that!

First, what do I track exactly? The minute I go to bed I start a timer in an app called aTimeLogger on my Android phone. There is an iPhone version too if you’re interested. The minute I get out of bed I stop the timer. I do NOT track the time I sleep. I usually read for 10-15 minutes before putting the lights out, and I stay in bed for 5-10 minutes after the alarm sounds.

In all that time I skipped only 3 out of 784 days (in this analysis I’ve only included dates up until August 6, 2016 for reasons).

To the numbers: on average I spent 7h 31m per day in bed. That look awesome, doesn’t it? Well it does, but when you look at separate days in the week (people tend to have a somewhat regular schedule, especially when their employer wants them to spend a certain time in the office) the numbers are quite different.

Let’s look at the following table:

Night In 2014 In 2015 In 2016 All time
Sun-Mon 6h 58m 7h 0m 6h 46m 6h 56m
Mon-Tue 7h 6m 6h 54m 6h 47m 6h 55m
Tue-Wed 7h 13m 6h 45m 6h 44m 6h 52m
Wed-Thu 6h 50m 6h 47m 6h 48m 6h 48m
Thu-Fri 6h 53m 6h 52m 6h 48m 6h 51m
Fri-Sat 8h 49m 9h 8m 8h 59m 9h 1m
Sat-Sun 8h 58m 9h 20m 9h 19m 9h 14
Average 7h 31m 7h 32m 7h 28m 7h 31m

As you can see there is quite a difference in the average times for weekdays and weekend days (which is expected as I tend to sleep in in the weekend). I must say however that I don’t recognize the numbers for the weekdays. I’ve always had the feeling I spend a lot less time in bed on weekdays. If I had to guess I would say around 6 hours. The number don’t lie of course, so it must be something else. Mind you, I already said I don’t track my actual time sleeping, which is of course shorter than the averages mentioned here. Maybe this is what is causing this feeling.

Let’s look at some other numbers:

  • the shortest time spent in bed was 5h 14m;
  • the longest time was 10h 48m;
  • the mode (the duration recorded most often) was 6h 27m (17 times, or about 2.2% of all days);

What have I learned from this? Well, first and foremost, I spend a lot more time in bed than I thought I was. Now I need a way to make those hours count, because every morning (especially on weekdays) I feel like I could do with some more sleep…

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