Importing my old blog part 2

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start importing my old blog. Exporting from Wordpress was easy. Then came the hard part: I had to split the one single XML file into hundreds of smaller files converting them to Markdown in the mean time. Luckily with some XSLT magic I managed to do just that. So now this site has all the old posts from the old site. Onto removing the old Wordpress site!

In the mean time I’m trying to use a different tool to upload new content to the webserver. This site is running on a shared hosting server. I only have FTP access to it, no SSH. The content of this site is maintained in a Git repository. Until now I used Hazel to upload the changed files using FTP. Recently I came across a tool that is using Git and FTP to determine which files need to be uploaded, called git-ftp. I had to do some things first, getting the local git repository clean, and removing some test files. A first test shows it is working. This post is the first one to be uploaded in the new way. I hope it works, fingers crossed!

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