Importing my old blog

I’m trying to import my old blog, since I desperately want to remove this old Wordpress installation. I exported all the content to one big XML file. Problem now is how to extract only the necessary info.

I’ve done some XSLT processing some years ago and luckily I still have the files I used then so I can use them as example. Then I was still in Windows XP land and the libxml executable was really good. Unfortunately I have had no success with a command line tool on Mac OS X yet. After some Googling I found a GUI tool called Editix. Luckily the free edition does enough for my needs!

So far so good: I managed to use an XSLT to remove all the clutter. Now comes the hard part: splitting the new XML file in hundreds of smaller files, while converting the content to Markdown (or at least as close as possible).

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