The Manifesto

Stop being a judgmental asshole. Your whole world doesn’t revolve around you. It shouldn’t. No one else’s does. Learn that others are equally important.

Talk less. Talk less shit. Listen. Listen more. Think about what you say and how you say it. Your words mean more than you realize.

Be nicer.

People are different. They do things differently. That’s okay. It makes life fun.

Don’t let fear paralyze your decision making. Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

Dress and act like the man you want to be.

Stop hiding. A façade isn’t worth having if it means sacrificing the trust and feelings of those you love.

You are not a burden on your friends, despite what your brain may tell you. They do care. They need to know what’s going on. Tell them.

Find value in what you have. Want less. Buy less, buy better. Spend money on experiences when you can and share them with those you love. Experiences will always mean more than the next fancy thing.

Bruce Layman, 18-12-2012

Via Nicholas Bate.

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