Bullet Journal

I am a procrastinator. I’ve written about that several times already. I also have a “leaky” brain. I simply forget a lot what people tell me and what is happening throughout the day. Since I’m in a service oriented job this is not working at all. How to keep up with everything that is coming on my path? I’ve tried several systems, from writing things down in a notebook, to using Omnifocus to record everything (even emails that need action: I have an Applescript to move the email to Omnifocus with a link back to the original email). The system however needs regular attention. You do need to look at it every day to see what is important to not lose track. Here is where I fail.

To overcome losing what is happening throughout the day I already journal my everyday life in a Moleskine daily planner. But how do I get my lazy self to do some serious work?

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