I’ve been the “lucky” owner of the iOS version of the DayOne app (it was free one day so I downloaded it ;) ). I am not however the lucky owner of an iPhone. I do have an iPad, but I hardly use it (I always have my Macbook Pro nearby). DayOne is an great app to use, and I’ve been looking for a way to use my Android phone to generate DayOne entries for the moments I do not have my Macbook Pro nearby. I think I have finally found one.

I initially tried using a journaling app for my Android phone which was able to export to DayOne. Exporting took some steps however, it was too involving, having to navigate to the correct folder exactly. I went on a search and found a blog entry on Poor Signal.

It involves a number of tools:

and what I have added for my Android phone:

I created a recipe in Do Note to create a file in a Dropbox folder called DayOneInbox. I also created a recipe in Do Camera to create an image file in this same Dropbox folder.

Hazel then comes in to play, using a couple of bash script to create DayOne entries with the DayOne CLI tools (one script for text entries, one for images) (see the Poor Signal blog).

One drawback: you cannot create mixed entries with text and an image with the Do Note or Do Camera apps.

I’m also investigating analog journaling (I already started writing in a simple notebook a month ago). I got a Moleskine Daily planner for my birthday that I’m eager to start using. I think a mix of analog and digital journaling should be possible, where the analog part would be the more thought out “musings” and the digital part would be used for the more “fleeting” moments. I’ll see how it goes!

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