Holiday 5

On the 4th day of our holiday we visited Deal Castle and Walmer Castle, before getting on the ferry back to Dunkirk. Both castles are part of the defenses against a possible invasion force from the mainland of Europe. Where Deal Castle is sort of in the same condition as several hundred years ago, Walmer has been repurposed, serving as the residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

Walmer Castle is built in the shape of a Tudor rose. Deal Castle

Deal Castle

The oven used to bake bread. The oven

Another look at the rose shape. Deal Castle

Walmer Castle looks quite different. Here is the dry moat with clean cut grass. The moat of Walmer Castle

The moat of Walmer Castle

The garden constructed for Lord Warden Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. The Queen Mothers Garden

Walmer Castle

Walmer Castle

Taken from the moat. From the moat

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