I’m almost 2/3 into my 365 project and I think it is about time to look at some statistics.

When starting this project my plan was to shoot every day and post a picture shot that day on the internet. How difficult this turned out to be! Since I have a full-time day job I’m almost entirely dependent on shooting in the evenings (the university I work for luckily has different buildings across town so sometimes I manage to get a daytime shot when I have to be at another location for a meeting).

I started out on November 25, 2012. I was sick at home for the first time in years and said to myself: “Why start tomorrow?” I am a master procrastinator but decided that now was the time. So I just started .

In the first few days/weeks it was a matter of getting in the hang of shooting every day, which was not as easy as it seems. Where do I start? What do I take pictures of? But slowly it was getting to be a habit.

(I’m afraid this is turning into a self help post on procrastination and how to overcome it, but looking back, this 365 project is part of me changing. Returning now to the project!)

At some time in the project I could not shoot a picture for whatever reason, and decided to look at and post an older shot. When I go out shooting most of the time I take more than one shot (or a multiple of shots if I decide to go HDR). Why would I want to let those shots go to waste just because I artificially limited myself to posting the same day I shot? I was busy with photography after all even if I didn’t shoot it that specific day! Still I tried to limit the amount of these kind of shots.

So how many posted shots where not shot that specific day? Well, of the 235 shots I posted before today 33 shots where more then one day old.

Number days old
14 1
2 2
3 3
2 4
1 5
2 6
1 7
1 8
1 9
1 12
2 13
1 17
1 20
1 23

There were two other shots which actually were shot a day late.

So, this means up to this day 15% of the shots where shot on another day then the day I posted them. All in all I’m quite pleased.

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