New blog!

Okay, so I decided to use a new blogging engine. I’ve been using Wordpress all this time, but it seems rather heavy. Yes, it is easy and you can use a nice web based editor to edit your posts. But my posts don’t change that much, as in never. So why use a database to store these posts? I’m not using the internal commenting system either, turning to Disqus ages ago. Using static HTML files also makes everything a lot faster.

So, now I’m using the MultiMarkdown CMS from Fletcher Penney, using MultiMarkdown files as a basis for the blog posts (and other pages). Fletcher really made something nice. I’m no expert in Perl, but integrating the Disqus commenting system took me less then 15 minutes (I made some stupid mistakes at first…)!

Now I just have to find some way to import all my old posts, I sure don’t want to do these one by one. So that means digging into the Wordpress database…

This party is not over yet. I do have to get into the CSS to change the layout, so expect some changes in the look and feel.

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