Eglise Saints Pierre et Paul

In August we visited the city of Bouillon, Belgium, near the French border (see on Google Maps). On our way to the castle where Godfrey of Bouillon once lived, we came across the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. The picture below is a HDR vertorama (vertical panorama) consisting of 8*3 handheld exposures. I had a lot of trouble getting the 8 pictures stitched together, trying out different techniques. It took me over 20 hours to get the final result. Even though it is not 100% correct, it’s the best I could get. I got a lot of help from Klaus Herrmann’s HDR Cookbook. If you are interested in HDR “the right way” please visit his site. He even has MY name on his Testimonials page!

The church itself is quite bland, there is not much color except the stained glass (which is hardly visible in this picture). It was built in 1848, so it is not that old actually.

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