Posting and posting (and posting)

Even if I didn’t post anything new here, I’ve been busy posting photos on the internets everyday! But something had changed! Flickr has been very static since I got a Pro account years ago, so much I decided to not renew my Flickr Pro account. Only now some change is coming, but I guess this is because of other sites gaining a lot attraction. So, I needed to get another solution, which I found in Google+ Photos. Google+ Photos is part of Google+ (my profile is here) which is a quite lively social network (even if numerous reports tell otherwise, I guess it depends on the kind of people you have in your circles).

Since February 17 I’ve been posting a photo each day (so that’s 15 days in a row!). At first I’ve been digging through my archives for shots I hadn’t shared already. Yesterday was my first shot taken with my new camera. Below you’ll find the shots I haven’t shown here since my last post to this blog. Enjoy!

I’ll try to update my blog each day with a new photo.

Click the photos for larger versions!

And the last one: a panorama shot last night with my new Canon 60D.

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