A new workflow

I still haven’t gotten in the habbit of posting more here… I did however post some more pictures on Flickr since my last post, using a another workflow, or recipe, for creating the HDR pictures (although one was not HDR). I already mentioned the HDR Cookbook from Klaus Hermann. I suggest you check it out, it really is a great resource for lots of things HDR!

The most recent shot I did is from within a church. The Sint-Janskathedraal (Saint Johns cathedral) in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, was restored a couple of years ago. Every piece of wall and ceiling has been painted in the colors it must have been in the Middle Ages. I did spent quite some time on this one and blame all the new techniques from the HDR Cookbook. I’m still learning a lot, but in this picture it surely paid off.


Click the picture to see a larger version!

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