Well, that was the perfect time for rebooting this blog. NOT! After my last post, I’ve been VERY busy at work. We were moving to a new building, where the IT infrastructure is maintained by another party, the hospital. We managed to arrange they give us a virtual network on top of their network, so we can still use the university computers (although we rolled out new laptops for everybody). Still, it is a huge improvement over the hospital network, since we are NOT behind a firewall that blocks almost everything! I was very happy to be home at the end of the day, so updating the blog was not a priority. In the meantime though, I redecorated my daughters room.

The day before we moved to the new building, I managed to get some shots while the floor was still empty. That is, without people… Below are two of them. Processing was similar for both the shots: I took the standard 3 shots (-2 eV, 0 eV, 2 eV), created an extra -4 eV shot from the -2 eV one, removed some chromatic abberation, saved all as TIFF and used the four TIFFs to create an HDR image. Then the tonemapping, removing some noise, adjusting levels and curves, removing some more noise, and then I sharpened the image. I used my Gorillapod for the first time (I tried it out earlier of course, but now I REALLY used it!). Especially in the second shot it came in handy: I wrapped its legs around one of those poles to get a shot from above.

The HRM department

Another one from the office

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