Planet Unknown

Inspired by the two robots TARS and CASE from the move Interstellar, the idea of intellectual robots exploring space developed from there.

Planet Unknown from Shawn Wang on Vimeo.


Last week we spent some time in a chalet in a Hoenderloo park. The weather was nice, some days were even sunny. We did nothing much except take some walks in the nearby forrest and use the sauna in the luxury chalet. Just unwind.

Some pictures from the walks:

The forger

Some people are heroes. This is about a French boy who decided to do something for humanity in World War II.

Via Kottke

Don't change them

I'n trying to catch up on my RSS feeds, digging trough old(er) posts. In this post from Derek Sivers about how to like people especially point 7 struck me: "Don’t try to change them, ... unless they asked you to. Don’t teach a lesson. Stop trying to change people who don’t think they have a problem."

Can other people please read this too? Please?

Slow thinker

Derek Sivers wrote a piece about slow thinking. I'm like that. I always have trouble expressing myself when in more heated conversation. Afterwards, usually when I'm walking the dog at the end of the day I have endless conversations with myself, over and over again, about what I could or should have said. Problem is, every iteration has another outcome. Hmm, I'm indecisive too...


I've been tracking the time I spend in bed for more than two years now (starting on June 16, 2014), and have not looked at the data in detail. Time to do that!

First, what do I track exactly? The minute I go to bed I start a timer in an app called aTimeLogger on my Android phone. There is an iPhone version too if you're interested. The minute I get out of bed I stop the timer. I do NOT track the time I sleep. I usually read for 10-15 minutes before putting the lights out, and I stay in bed for 5-10 minutes after the alarm sounds.

In all that time I skipped only 3 out of 784 days (in this analysis I've only included dates up until August 6, 2016 for reasons).

To the numbers: on average I spent 7h 31m per day in bed. That look awesome, doesn't it? Well it does, but when you look at separate days in the week (people tend to have a somewhat regular schedule, especially when their employer wants them to spend a certain time in the office) the numbers are quite different.

Let's look at the following table:

Night In 2014 In 2015 In 2016 All-time
Sun-Mon 6h 58m 7h 0m 6h 46m 6h 56m
Mon-Tue 7h 6m 6h 54m 6h 47m 6h 55m
Tue-Wed 7h 13m 6h 45m 6h 44m 6h 52m
Wed-Thu 6h 50m 6h 47m 6h 48m 6h 48m
Thu-Fri 6h 53m 6h 52m 6h 48m 6h 51m
Fri-Sat 8h 49m 9h 8m 8h 59m 9h 1m
Sat-Sun 8h 58m 9h 20m 9h 19m 9h 14m
Average 7h 31m 7h 32m 7h 28m 7h 31m

As you can see there is quite a difference in the average times for weekdays and weekend days (which is expected as I tend to sleep in in the weekend). I must say however that I don't recognize the numbers for the weekdays. I've always had the feeling I spend a lot less time in bed on weekdays. If I had to guess I would say around 6 hours. The number don't lie of course, so it must be something else. Mind you, I already said I don't track my actual time sleeping, which is of course shorter than the averages mentioned here. Maybe this is what is causing this feeling.

Let's look at some other numbers:

  • the shortest time spent in bed was 5h 14m;
  • the longest time was 10h 48m;
  • the mode (the duration recorded most often) was 6h 27m (17 times, or about 2.2% of all days);

What have I learned from this? Well, first and foremost, I spend a lot more time in bed than I thought I was. Now I need a way to make those hours count, because every morning (especially on weekdays) I feel like I could do with some more sleep...


In my move to Nikola I focused on all the blog pages I had created in the past. Tonight, I updated the site to insert some pages I did not include in the move to Nikola. And I have git-ftp working again to update my webhost with only the new files Nikola created in the build process.

"Notable" changes:

  • The "About" page is linked again in the menu at the top of the page
  • My "Now" page is linked again in the menu at the top of the page, although I have to update it
  • Google Analytics should be working again

Things to do:

  • I have to re-insert a cookie consent option (stupid EU law)
  • Write new content
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting something...

I broke my site

I broke my site. At least, I broke my offline Jekyll source when I updated Python on my Macbook. I have now switched to Nikola, trying something completely different. It sure is a lot faster when generating the site. I'm not done with theming the site, I first want to have a functional site again.

Everything is a remix

I can't believe I haven't seen this earlier...

Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD) from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo

Samurai attacked by flying baseballs

Guess what, the samurai wins...